About Us

When I first started the Bennett Group project during the bitterly cold winter of 1992, I really had no idea of where I wanted to take the business, save for a conviction that I wanted it largely to be about communication (of ideas and knowledge) and specifically about paying the rent on time.

Both of these goals were rather ambitious for someone with nothing to his name save a beaten up bottle green moped and a one desk office next door to Battersea Park in South London. However, this was how The Aktuel Translation Group came into being (foreign language communications for companies wishing to find an international platform) and likewise London Tutors (UK based Language and Academic Training).

Some things have changed since then (the moped was stolen) but I am pleased to say that communication is what we are still about and people all over the world seem to like us for it.

In 1999 Quarto Translations was added to our stable to specialise in catering for translations in the publishing industry and Monster Books – publishing good quality children’s books. In 2006 PTI – a specialist patent translation company, was added to the stable.

I sincerely hope that we continue to grow with the same notions about business intact – namely that customer service is absolutely paramount to our offer as a Group and that fair prices will always find a solid market. I also hope that you enjoy browsing through the various sites.

Kind regards,

Robin Bennett
Managing Director